The Ego

The ego is often referred to as personality. In a way this is true, but let us take a look at what ego really is.

Since adults are far from pure and trustworthy, kids, who start out trusting people fully at first, get beaten up emotionally more and more as they start to slowly understand what's happening to them. Partly by copying parents and friends, partly just in order to survive they start building their ego, as a sort of firewall, a mask, a wall to hide behind and feel safe. You could say that ego becomes some sort of filter filtering out things that hurt too much. In most cases this ego grows out to be that part of the mind that is in total control of daily events and choices. Others will know the child/human through it's ego, especially when talking to people the ego usually takes control, therefor it is often known as personality.

If we take a look at how egos are formed, you can describe it as a collection of preset responses, a sort of automated responses to the environment, responses that have been proven reliable before. This usually means that choices made by ego are outdated and based upon old information.

In that lies it's weakness, because ego never seems to respond to what's really happening. We all have seen people respond while you were actually only halfway through a sentence or something wasn't quite done happening yet (being judgemental / short sighted).

It is time for us all to stop ego's power and start looking at what's really happening in the moment and respond to that. Only then we can make new choices that are fit for the moment and maybe entirely new to us. Amongst other things, this is what most insights given to us in this moment in time, are about. Look at them as invites to do things differently and slowly, step by step taking back control over our lives, silencing the ego (killing old habits).

It will be a huge fight, once you start this process you will have to ask yourself over and over again, in every decision you make if what you have just decided is based on old experiences or based on new, current and therefor more accurate information. It might take many years before this will be the normal thing for you to do. But right there at that moment, mind will have won it's battle over ego and you will be able to gradually move into an entirely new existance that will be without thousands of judgements and rules that ego collected over time.