the latest religion.

I have noticed that even religious people also embrace science. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with science as a means to develop our society, it has given us medical science, computers, cars and many more great inventions. But it is time for us to stop blindly relying on everything science tells us.

Mostly, scientists are wrong. They tend to search for a certain outcome and try to proof just that. This causes them to not be able to see outside the box. If any outcome is far from the expected result, they will simply ignore it, whether the outcome was right or not. If something cannot be proven, it cannot be right. Well, for those who strongly believe science is the only way, this website is one big lie. Too bad though, because it really is full of answers.

The problem often is not being able to see the really big picture. Someone refusing to believe we exist only because of 'out of this world' energy, will not be able to see or believe the actual cause of things. Searching for clues about how thoughts are being processed in the brain is a waste, simply stop looking, scientists, you will never find an answer there. You cannot explain why something strange happens in electronic equipment? Well, I can tell you that our spirit guides are very capable of influencing fine electronics.

To all who cling to science as the only true thing I have to say this: Please wake up and start thinking original thoughts, even if that means learning things that contradict what you believed to be true before because you were told so. Start recognizing egos ways and take back control of your mind, so one day soon you will be ready to take part in an entirely new and refreshing sort of life, guided by what some call 'your higher self', and others just call soul.

Once you recognize science to be just another believe system, a religion holding you back, you might open up to new insights.

A hint with a wink: The famous perpetual motion concept, it has been proven over and over not to exist. But many scientific theories are based upon believing the earth and the rest of the planets have been moving around the sun in a constant way at an almost constant speed without propulsion or corrections for hundreds of millions of years.