What is Karma?

Karma is often explained as something you brought into this life from the former lives. Sometimes it is used as a name for a result of bad behavior, punishment.

None of this is close to the truth. Since we just have this one life to live and our souls don't have to grow, learn or do penance, karma must be from this life. What is actually is I will try to explain using an example:

If you are married and your 'better half' always picks his/her nose, after a few years you might end up having a huge dislike against this behavior. Imagine everytime you see it happen, or a result of this laying around on the floor, you don't say a thing but you think a lot, from a light 'darn' to maybe a 3 minutes long nonverbal tirade!

What happens here is the creation of karma. Let's call it an issue (the nosepicking thing). Each time the issue occurs you cannot accept it, you fight the issue internally and while doing that you create the first version of karma, that now stays floating around in your aura, as an unsolved issue. Do this many times per day and there will be a lot of unsolved issues floating around in the aura. In the orient meditation is or at least was a common thing. People (used to?) sit down and meditate, contemplating their feelings and deep thoughts and doing this giving karma a chance to come forward, so they would be able to relive the moment and maybe even let go of the issue.

So someone who still has an active ego that fights reality and thus creates karma but sometimes takes time to reflect and while doing this, really and profoundly lets go of these issues will not be bothered by what I will describe further down this page. Someone fighting reality, creating karma and not consciously letting go of these issues will automatically store the karma. The fresh karma will only stay in the aura for a day or two at most, then it will be stored in the body, becoming the second version of karma. The place to store this karma can be copied from people around us, who might have the same or similar issues (mostly kids copying from parents) or the process will be guided by the 'docter-guide' and the karma will be sort of evenly spread throughout the body or placed in a certain organ or tissue (which will slowly become less healthy). This karma is in energy form, so it is stored in the energy body, but the direct effect of these collections of karma is that knots or twists will arise in the energy-cords or meridians, directly influencing the energy flow at that spot and diminishing the total energy flow. What scientists call 'aging' is a process partly written into our dna and is partly caused by this karma. Take a moment to read this carefully: While fighting reality we are constantly sickening ourselves!

The storing of the karma will become an automated process, but once stored the karma will not go quiet. When an issue reoccurs all stored karma that is related to this issue will 'vibrate', sort of 'shout' and become active for a while, maybe causing a certain feeling, behavior or 'thought loops' (Dutch: riedel, I cannot translate). I think we all know what it is like to have uncontrolled thoughts repeatedly running through our minds, this karma is one major cause for this to happen.

We do have a possibility to revers this process: We need to very consciously stop fighting the issues and make new choices regarding to them. There is a beautiful word that describes this proces: Acceptance. If we really work on this our doctor-guides will clean us from the karma concerning the resolved issue, healing us slightly. The ego way for this proces would be to create yet another layer of control over and around the old issue, hiding it from sight. In reality this will cause even more karma to be created.