Human 2.0, the new energy body

Most of you are Human 1.0. This makes sense because we all have been for 11000 years. But for this new after 2012 era our creators have designed a totally new energy body for us which can be very helpful for those longing for new insights.

What has changed? Well the 1.0 energy body was designed to turn feelings into drama, to stretch them out in time and dwell upon them for a while. The 2.0 however will not act like this. While a feeling is being experienced in the heart chakra the sixth chakra or third eye will drop down an insight that will join the feeling, causing a deeper understanding of this feeling. The entire energy flow including the aura will now consist of a new more dense and healing energy. By the time the whole change has finished the total energy flow will have increased around 20%. For this change to be complete will take 6 to 12 months and will mostly be done while asleep, but the effects will sometimes be felt during the day as a slightly sick feeling, not painful but also not making a lot of sense. By now (2017) a little under 400 million people have finished undergoing these changes. They are the first large batch of 2.0s, congratulations! Kids have to be of a certain age for these changes to start (13ish to 15, sometimes 17) and everyone needs to earn these changes by consistently following insights about fighting the ego.

One very important aspect of the change from 1.0 to 2.0 is: Humans 2.0 will no longer receive adrenaline shots while experiencing a kick, shock or thrill, or when feeling awkward. This means that close to all films created in this millennium (that rely on adrenaline kicks to be the sole reason to keep on watching) will be considered trash. 'Look I am shaking my camera so I must be making an action film' will no longer have the desired effect on us. To the 2.0s series like American Dad and Family Guy will suddenly demonstrate they are entirely humourless and only meant for people to get their daily doses of adrenaline shots. This will be the same for Humans 2.1 and 3.0, resulting in an inescapable demand for new hobbies and entertainment. Please check the Film pages if you recognize yourself in this.

Human 2.1

Someone who has shown over and over again that he or she is full on fighting the ego and winning, can get the gift of Human 2.1. This will again cause a period of change of about 4 to 6 months, done mostly while sleeping and resulting in a much higher energy level (a feeling of being high may occur quite often during this process). These changes are different from the ones concerning the 2.0 change, when the entire energy body was being modified step by step. The 2.1 change is more a shift in focus, best described as becoming more and more laid back, calm and focused, indicating the end of all that hard work fighting the ego and a prelude to an intensely lived life with an almost never-ending focus. The effects are meant to resemble the state of a Human 3.0:

Human 3.0

Now this new type of energy body was never meant for people to receive during their lives, it is a complicated change, including a different, new type of mind that now has 5 dimensions (compare it with a five-core computer while former minds were using just one core). This new mind will provide much resilience, stability and an almost never tiring focus. The new energy body is meant for feelings to be felt clearly while deeply understanding the meaning behind it all. Human 3.0 babies will only be born in a reasonably egoless environment existing of a mix of 2.1s and 2.0s. It really is too early for this to happen since the numbers of 2.1s still have to develop, but 3.0 will be the type of humans that will be occupying the new (as much as possible) egoless world, enjoying themselves fully.

So in short:

2.0 A gift meant to help us to understand new insights, all focus will be on these insights and for now only reveived by those showing willingness to do some effort to change their ways.

2.1 A gift resembling the 3.0 state for when the work is (mostly) done, a thank you from the other side.

3.0 Future Human Beings