The history of the world and mankind, subject of many discussions and all of the existing mainstream theories are quite wrong!

What if the world isn't millions of years old? What if humans were created together with the world and everything on it in one single moment and dinosaurs never existed. People might have been spread out in small communities all over the continents, that were already formed, and Pangaea is just an illusion. Several ancient writings tell stories like this, but, which one is right? At least think about it, I am inviting you not to blindly believe everything science preaches...

It has been explained to me that everything scientists found and based their theories upon has been planted there in order to be found one specific era, the fossils, the metals, primal people, oil, everything. Even the big canyons were created all at once, along with every majestic mountain, but this was a little over 11000 years ago so they have been undergoing at least some wear and changes. The tectonic plates do move, ofcourse, apparently they have been used to completely sink Atlantis at some point.

So ice ages have never occurred. But how can science tell something is x-million years old? The methods they use (carbon dating) aren't reliable. Everything exists, basicly, out of energy. The vibration of the smallest particles science still can't determine. Since the world's vibration has been shifting slowly over time, this gives an extra variable in their beloved method, one that can easily give an outcome of a few thousand years too high in age. Other measurements pointing at millions of years ago we really need to see as misleading results that have been planted to mess with science (really!).

What's important, simply is that we are here and now and there is work to be done. Other societies have failed, in a way, but they were struggling in much lower vibrations which caused them to make primitive and savage choices, an occurance that was just part of the experiment that we actually are and was simpy given up to make room for new projects. The chance we have been given in this rough time is unique and meant for one thing: A period of pleasant existance, without drama added by ego or our souls, who indeed used to be the cause of many problems. They have been guiding us into all sorts of problems, spread over time, in order to watch us deal with this drama as well as the choices we made while suffering. All this happened while living in different vibrational eras and different regions of the world with different customs. This, in theory, has now ended, but only for those who work with them to prepare for a new society. Societies where people can be free, really free and enjoy life. The ones that stick to hiding behind ego will no longer be bothered by random suffering but the misery they will encounter throughout their lives will be dedicated to beating down their egos and helping them open up to new insights.