The effect of colour.

There are lots of opinions about the meaning behind colours and their effects. That's why I was asked to create this list showing some colours and their effects on the way we feel and act:

    Bright pink will bring you in a state of childish longing. To be more precise, it will help you bring out your oldest and simplest wishes and dwell on them. For a child this is not a bad state of mind but for an adult it will most likely mean or lead to an addiction, a longing back to an earlier age, not accepting the present.
    Bright orange will bring you into a state of false happiness. It is like being high, with a little distance between your feelings and your awareness. It is not a bad state to be in occasionally, but not a great state to always need. Check brown; it is sort of the opposite.
    This bright red will help you reach a state of mind in which you open up. It does not really help you meditate, but it will help to feel free. Weird enough you could describe it as a very neutral colour, considering it does not pull you into any other state than 'open'.
    A dark blue will help you get to your quiet place. It can help you meditate and explore deep feelings and parts of you that you have never before noticed or recognized.
    Choosing to have many neutral greys around you means one thing: You are indecisive (cannot choose). So surrounding yourself with this colour will not help you to becoming a decisive person.
    Light blue is a nice colour to have within sight. This is great since we are often treated to this tint by the skies. It simply helps us to let go of stress. It acts a bit like touch, crying or orgasms, these three being all great means to release stress.
    Yellow will help you get to a playful state, meaning not so much acting as a kid, but more letting go of certain parts of control. Tense people might be able to slowly let go of some uptight behaviors while being surrounded by a few bright yellows.
    Purple is often referred to as a colour of spirit or the divine. The longing for purple really means you long to grow, to renew or strengthen the contact with your higher self, or let's call it a chat with the soul. There is no negative side to being surrounded by purple.
    A bright green is like saying sorry, it will help giving in. If you struggle with a lot of issues, for instance fights with people, this colour might help you lower your self image a bit so you can place yourself equal to others and maybe admit you were wrong (if you were).
    A dark green is a guide to acceptance. The state one can reach from being around a lot of dark green is one that will help you accept things as they are and stop wanting something else. A weird side effect is that it makes you feel old. Try it...
    Black: People who long to be in or around black have a strong wish to end things. Don't think about death here, they just need to finish things in order to be happy. Unfinished things might make them irritable. Painting things black will not help you become less lazy.
    White: This color sort of shouts: "I wanna move forward!" Having a lot of white around and maybe on you is a way of saying you are not happy with yourself and you need change. You cannot simply 'be' in the moment and relax. Of course it is not a bad thing to have some whites in your interior, but choosing the tone can make a big difference; keep it a warm shade of white.


  A not too beige or too light brown will help you to get in touch with your feelings. It can even help you to intensify these feelings. Check orange, which does the opposite.

Please do note that a longing feeling for a particular colour can be seen as your intuition (or soul) begging for attention for a certain aspect of your behavior. You really will not be needing the colour itself after realizing this, just dedicate some extra time to working on whatever is mentioned in this list, or even better, exactly what your soul asks you to.

Also note that you will probably have old views of this topic, thinking colours mean different things to you. This is okay. I would like you to see this list as a guide to the conscious use of colours. What has been described here is not the effect colour will have at first glance but the effect it will have on you at energy level. The energy flowing through our energy bodies makes us feel a certain way by having certain wavelengths, vibrational changes or colours. By having specific colours on you (clothing) and around you (being in nature, painting walls, looking at skies etc.) you will slowly and gently influence the state of your energy body, emotions and feelings.

Nowadays it is quite affordable and easy to buy an interior light that is able to switch colours. Although this list suggests a lot of effect of certain colours, my invisible friends want me to warn you not to use a lamp like this too often, because it can easily have too much effect, especially when you often use just one colour. Please be aware of these strong effects.

Another little note: Please do not instantly sell your (for instance) grey car after reading this. Driving it you will hardly notice it's colour. Owning it does not mean you are this or that way, certainly not if you bought the car second-hand. But choosing a new colour for your interior or clothing, now that is something you might reconsider, since a fashionable colour might be far from what you really need.