Body, mind and soul

Body and mind, millions of misconceptions exist around these words. Scientists still make us believe that we think using only our brains and that we have just one body. Like almost all of science's ideas, this is entirely wrong.

Our body consists of a physical body and an energy body, filling out the entire physical body, consisting of meridians connected to chakras, which are the portals to the aura. This aura is a big energy field surrounding us. Then there is the mind, another 'balloon' of energy, but much smaller than the aura and located roughly between the heart and head, in and around the body.

Auras are big, a child's aura being about 6 meters in diameter, up to a 12 meter adult aura (10m. being most common). Another word for energy body is emotional body. This is where we experience our feelings, emotions, and where karma is stored. The mind is connected to the brain, the brain being merely a switch board, meant for our minds to energetically read the electric bodily signals.

We do not carry our souls around, the soul is where it always was and will be, in another dimension, nearby but not here. Soul is eternal, unlike us. Our minds disappear when we die, along with everything that makes us us... So, people who communicate with the dead... hmm, it is sort of real, but it is time we understand what's really happening:

Our souls are puppetmasters, connected to us for life. When the connection stops, we stop, we die. So the soul chooses the time to die, not science, bodily functions or whatever people tend to believe is causing death. Souls reside in clusters, together with thousands of beings of a similar vibration, some of them functioning as souls at that time, some as spirit guides. Each person has two or three spirit guides, capable of doing exactly the same things souls can do, but more free to do things that require big (vibrational) adjustments. This would not be right for a soul to do, because it would influence the state of the human too much, being connected to that soul with over 50 energy cords. When someone has died, it is normal for the soul of the deceased to stay around for a few months, performing tasks like projecting itself near relatives, often children that were close to the deceased, in order to give comfort. So that is what's happening when people say they can sometimes feel the deceased, it is not really the deceased, it is merely experiencing a comforting feeling of an unearthly beautiful and healing energy, while memories are being triggered. If a medium claims to be talking to a deceased it usually is the medium's own soul handing down information that was offered by the soul of someone formerly connected to the deceased. They almost never are in contact with a deceased's soul directly (although it does occur, there are no rules to this). Since the minds of the deceased are gone, it might be hard to grasp, the only eternal thing left being the soul, who after a few months will go on doing different things, like becoming a spirit guide to someone else, or some new born's soul, no longer having anything to do with the former person, nothing at all. So, people talking about remembering 'their' past lives are actually talking nonsense, although it can seem very real to them. There is no real memory of past lives possible, the souls might remember, but it can mean nothing to us humans, no past lives karma, memories, nothing.

To be clear, I am not saying well known people like Derek Ogilvie are fakes, oh no, they are not. Well, some of them are, like in every other profession there will be charlatans. For this website I was asked to describe reality as it is, in it's purest form. No nonsense since it is time we understood what's really going on, without extra added drama. Most people I see on tv talking about these kind of things use words like 'god' and 'your relative's spirit is here'. There is no god, at least nothing like you have probably been taught through some form of religion and the relative's spirit, well, if that's supposed to be the mind or personality, then no, it is gone. If it is supposed to be the soul, it probably isn't there, at most the medium is being shown images or so of the deceased and again, communication is done through their own spirit guides or soul. It has been explained to me that all who perform on tv or stages all over the world, talking to the dead or whispering to babies and what more, have been asked repeatedly by their souls to stop using these misleading but generally accepted concepts. It will take some effort for them to change their ways, and it will surely take a lot of effort for the audiences to adapt to certain realities, especially, I think, things like accepting that we are really gone after we die, there is no heaven, no hell, no next life (for us).

Spirit guides can have one of two main roles:
- There is a communication-guide, the talk-guide.
- There is a do-guide, I call him the doctor-guide.
Our souls never switch, they will stick with us our entire lives, we are connected. The spirit guides might change, although most will stay around your entire life as well. We always have at least two guides, but some people have three. Having a third does not mean that you are worth more than someone else, maybe your third is waiting for the next human to be born and will then switch role. Spirit guides and souls do not really have a gender, but choose one according to the human they are occupied with. This means they sort of change their vibes into a male or female state and these vibrations will find their way to us and effect us. In case of transgender people the human has a soul and guides in the 'wrong' vibration, making a sex change a very real and logical happening or wish. Our souls are the puppetmasters, they write our life-story, they are in control. The communication guide will make arrangements with other guides so the humans will encounter certain people and experiences, according to the planning done by the soul. Only very few mediums have this talk-guide talking to them, most mediums will only be very intuitive and realize that what is shown in intuition (feelings and thoughts) is from outside them, from the soul. Really having the talk-guide explain in language what the soul sends in thoughts and feelings makes it a lot easier to understand big concepts. The doctor-guide or do-guide is the one pressing our buttons and working our chakras. For the time being I will not go into details about how much buttons they actually do control. Do believe me when I say it is a lot and yes this means you really couln't help breaking that vase, Neo.

A little footnote coming straight from my invisible friends: They prefer not to be called gods or angels, or to be treated that way. They like you to address them the same way you would talk to a good friend. Once you realise they have always been there, connected to you and present in your every thought, seeing what you feel and knowing what you long for, they are so close, why bother glorifying them in any way? Remember that they are responsible for everything that ever happened to you....