Being Spiritual

Being spiritual can mean so many things, most likely this will refer to religious people and followers of some sort of new age movement. This 'holding on' to whatever believe system is quite dangerous simply because almost all of these systems are at some point learned by the one that taught you. Learned and interpreted, what most likely means being far from the original truth, that might or might not have been lying deeply hidden in what was originally taught or told. Reapeat this over 15 people before you (or thousands of years and hundreds of rewrites) and ouch, there will be nothing worth learning left. Quite often big egos will rise to top-positions, showing others the way.... These same egos have never been able to fully grasp even the concept of what was taught to them, so whatever they think they learned, they will teach you, often adding things of personal interest.

Now ask yourself this: How can it be, that being born in this home, I am, let's say, a christian, but if I simply would have been born in the next house, I would have been a jew, a muslim, or a buddhist. How can I rely on any of these religions to be correct or true?

Ask yourself how all of these entirely different believe systems can be 100% correct, while being 90% different from each other? Is one really better than the rest, just because you were born in this one house?

Could it be they all are entirely wrong and created by man to begin with for reasons of control or comfort?

People who have asked themselves this question before may have already switched to some new age movement (been there, done that but also dropped it), sometimes just another old religion. 'New age movement', I have no other name for this collection of believe systems, they appear to be so real to people, because they can give people hope and support in a modern way, ways that are more fit to match our current needs.

This does not mean it isn't the same thing though. Oriental religions seem to be so pure, but almost all you can see in their teachings is control and humility, taking you further and further away from following your inner voice, while being under the spell of the strictest of egos or teachings.

To atheists I say: Congrats! You finished part one. You dropped an ancient believe in a made-up being! Now try and find your inner voice and let yourself be guided by it. Be still and listen! If you find it, congrats again. This is the only guidance you can trust entirely for the rest of your life and it will guide you to be where you need to be doing what you need to do. To those who do not even want to join the battle against ego, the only fight in the world that one can actually win, I say goodbye.

Ego tends to copy what it sees and likes, trying to gain more, whether it is control, money, attention or support. As long as you permit habit and ego to control your life, how will you ever be able to make a good and new choice or simply recognize pure and real things?

With this I mean it might be wise to win your battle against ego first, only then start looking for the truth. At some point you will be able to recognize ego in others, and you will be more capable of selecting the right people, tv-shows and websites to learn from. All this you can do, guided by your soul in intuition, making you more spiritual than ever before.