Reality and 2012

There has been a lot of turmoil around the so called end of the world, predicted by the Mayan Calendar for the end of december 2012. Films were made, disasters predicted and most people thought they would just wait and see. According to almost all of them, nothing happened.

This is not entirely true. The Mayans never predicted an ending of the world, just the end of an era. In short, the era of suffering has ended.

So what changed and what era are we in now?

Without naming it, the era soon to start is one of understanding what's real, what's happening around us and to us, where we come from, why we exist, and simply enjoying a life not troubled by war and fights, or in other words; not troubled by ego. We are granted a few centuries of ego-less living, but first we will have to work hard for these changes to become reality. We are now living in a transitional period, constantly being stimulated by our souls to brake down old believes and habits. Also on a bigger scale regimes and social structures need to be replaced (check the news, it is happening all over the world).

Was John Lennon right after all, singing 'Imagine'? He sure did describe a lot of what the world should be like in the near future, according to the plans of our spirit guides and souls. How long this will take depends on how much we cooperate, listen to our insights, and our willingness to give up ego.

What really did change, unnoticed by so many, and mostly hidden by ego, is a huge shift in vibration, worldwide, over the entire year of 2012, ending the 21st of december of that year with it's biggest shift. Earth and all it's inhabitants' vibrations have been shifting all the time, since the very beginning, but never before has this shift been as enormous as in 2012. The 2012 shift over a one year period (in four parts) was as big as the earth's vibrational shift over the last 3000 years!

So this vibration, what does it do?

It's the vibration of the smallest particles of everything in us and around us, at energy level. Living in this new and higher vibration sort of invites us to making new and better choices, or to picking a 'higher choice', listening more to the 'higher self', our souls, in intuition. Vibration does not dictate us, it only suggests a certain behavior. Mainly ego (habit) will prevent us from making these new choices, making the influence of the higher vibration unheard. So the one thing to do in this new era, is to fight our way out from behind the masks, the walls we started building as little kids, keeping it alive as adults, feeding it and giving it way too much power over too many aspects of our lives.

We need to take back control and push back ego. This is why we are bombarded with insights all the time, day and night. Yes, in our dreams we are being prepared for these changes, in our waking hours we need to actively accept them and integrate them into our lives. The years since 2012 were meant for us to learn to accept these changes. Most of us seem to be too busy and seem to completely deny this is happening at all, while in silence they may be wondering why they are so preoccupied, so tired, or they are mad or sad so often.

In the next few pages more is written about reality and life. Occasionally new info will be added. The information is meant to sink in slowly, forming a new base on which one's complete understanding of the world is based upon. This sounds like a lot and really, it is. It will take time to be understood, not learned by ego, but really seen and understood, by the mind, the real you.

Please note that nobody is telling you to learn these things by heart. I hope you can accept these pages as an invitation to investigate the topics, following your inner voice as guidance, slowly finding out for yourself what's really what.