In this 'after 2012' period, most people are bombarded with insights, which is necessary for them to grow, to help them let go of the ego, to change into someone worthy of the new world. Most people, unfortunately, deny almost everything 'given' to them, they have no time for this, and won't even admit that this is happening at all.

Luckily someone has been preparing people for this for years, she has made a lot of videos that can be very helpful to for instance understanding the ego, her name is Gangaji.

In order to guide people to a chance of help in this period of change, I uploaded full length videos of Gangaji, which from experience and the number of views, I know are of great help to understanding these new insights.

Please take your time to watch for some of Gangaji's older videos, for more recent ones, please look her up on her own youtube channel or website.

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