This list will give you some examples of performers 'assisted' by our spirit guides, as I described on the film tv music page:

10 Ft. Ganja Plant Kate Bush
Alanis Morissette Leonard Cohen
Andrey Pushkarev Marillion
Andreas Vollenweider Pink Floyd
Beth Hart Queen
Bryan Ferry Porcupine Tree
Björk Roxy Music
David Bowie Nina Simone
David Gray Sade
Dire Straits Sara K.
Eurythmics Simon & Garfunkel (not solo)
Frankie Goes to Hollywood Sting
Groundation Therapy?
Howard Jones U2
Jean Guillou  


Dutch singers: Herman van Veen, Marco Borsato, Doe Maar, Ramses Shaffy

This is only a very short list, there are many more that I simply do not know. Although I respect all of the musicians mentioned here, not all are amongst my favorites.