Films, TV and Music

Whether you believe it or not, our friends at the other side are huge fans of films and music, so much, that they sometimes choose to help certain performers, or even an entire cast of a film, including writers, editors, and sometimes even the caterers as well. They do this by sending them an intens healing energy directly into their auras and helping them perform on stage, location or in the studios, for the entire duration of their activities.

This healing energy will help the performers keep up their vibration. This makes them more open to suggestions, given to them in intuition. Also emotions will be better portayed on film and heard in music and speach, the acting and singing will be more pure when the spirit guides 'push some of the actor's or singer's buttons' at the right times, and keep their focus clear, filtering out personal issues.

With the help of my spirit guides I made a list of films, that were produced with 'their' aid, and which is complete, new films will be added as soon as I know of their existence. The music list is not completed, it probably never will since a lot of worldwide regional artists I do not know. Also the mentioning of tv shows, series and comedians in the tv-page will be incomplete, but it will give you a good idea of what 'they' think is worth watching (or was, some performers are dead and film topics might be outdated). Still I think most of 'their' films will be evergreens. One thing worth mentioning is that not all films are equally good, this has to do with the interference of the creator's egos, which then has caused their inspiration to become hidden, overruled.

By the 2012 changes and by choice people (will) find themselves existing in a higher vibration. Many tv shows and films soon will no longer be to their liking. I hope the following lists will help them find entertainment of a higher quality. Also once people have got their gift of Human 2.0 they will soon be looking to find new and better ways to spend their time. More about that at the Human 2.0 page. The little +/+, +/- and -/- signs behind the films titles are meant for the Humans 2.0, suggesting what films probably will no longer be to their interest after their 2.0 change, -/- meaning no longer worth watching.

Anyway, I hope many more films, shows and performers will follow, and I am told they will. It mainly depends on how fast the 2012 change will take effect, and how quickly performers and producers will become more pure in their choices and work, leaving commercialism behind.