Welcome to Remioes.nl


In December 2011  I got the biggest surprise of my life: My spirit guides started talking to me! Through my communication guide my soul now explains reality to me and what's really going on in this 'after 2012' era. After having completely renewed my personal worldview I was asked to build this website. Now I can share the things I learned with as many people as possible and fore this purpose I wrote in English. The content of the next pages is important for people to understand, there is work to be done, by everyone.

For now, the information given here is limited to simple truths and facts about life and the world we live in. Over time more info will be added and if necessary, questions will be answered.

Please take your time to read some articles that appeal to you. Slowly let the information sink in. Then during the days or weeks after, compare this new info with what is shown to you. Important is to let yourself be guided by your feelings and inner thoughts. If you are open to them, new evidences for these truths will be revealed to you while watching TV, the news for instance, but also while watching people. At some point all that is written on this website can be experienced as truth. By then it is time to put the pieces together and change your worldview for good. Come back anytime to read again (and again). It will be hard to understand or even accept the new descriptions given on this website. These matters are not meant to be learned by heart, you really need to verify them for yourself by following your intuition, only that way you can truly know what's real.

Some pages are about films, tv-programs, music and performers that might be of help to people looking for a higher standard in film and music. The pages containing tips about using computers are gone but there is a page for my best and latest photographs, and a chapter about Gangaji.

I hope you will take your time to find out what you came here for.